Mark Calkins

Mark’s DJing was once described as wonderfully whimsical (or tipsy) by a Yale faculty member. With over 15 years of experience as a Swing DJ, he strives to provide the best virtuosos and deep-cut selections to enable the dancers on the dance floor. In his home scene in Columbus, Ohio he continues to serve as a scene builder, helps to manage the hallmark dance event Rocktober Intensive Lindy Weekend and had a 9-year tenure as the co-captain/choreographer for Team SwingColumbus. He is looking forward to joining the CincyHop DJ team for the first time!

Emma Durham

Emma Durham began swing dancing in the fall of 2008 in the college club at Savannah College of Art and Design. She learned to Lindy hop at an Atlanta workshop weekend that spring and hasn’t looked back since. After Savannah, she spent a year in Atlanta and half a year in New Orleans before moving back to her hometown of Cincinnati five years ago. She started DJing locally after missing the music she heard in New Orleans and Atlanta. She loves female vocalists (like Ella Fitzgerald and Anita O’Day) and any song that really makes her want to swing out.

Daniel Miles

Dan Miles first fell in love with the blues at the 2012 Chicago Blues Festival, on a Sunday evening, overwhelmed by their tribute to Koko Taylor, the Queen of the Chicago Blues. With that as his starting point, he has been refining his understanding of blues and exploring the rich variety of the genre ever since. Dan happily accepts the label of “traditionalist” as a blues DJ, both in the typical sense of sticking to the genre and in the sense of recognizing and embracing the blues tradition as one that is diverse, inclusive, historically rooted, and still very much alive today. Expect his sets to ramble through a range of topics, eras, and regional styles, hitting both some vintage classics and some currently performing blues bands from around his home in Columbus, Ohio. Photo from Life in Motion Photography.

Crystal Meyer

Crystal’s love for swing dancing led her to learn more about the music that inspired it all. A frequent DJ in the Cincinnati area, she enjoys playing classic swing standards, unearthing quirky gems from the 30s and 40s, and highlighting the modern bands who keep swing music alive and well today.

Meggan Peak

Meggan began dancing in 2007, and branched out to DJing for Cincinnati dancers in 2010. What followed was a love for Jazz history that would inspire her DJing, driving her to keep learning and searching for music she hasn’t yet discovered. A clarinetist herself, she enjoys an energetic clarinet solo in a minor key; however she feels most inspired in dance by a swinging brass section.

D. Booker

DJing blues and Lindy primarily in the southeast, Dj “D.” is excited to come play tunes at CincyHop again. D loves dancing blues/lindy/bal and he’s sure to bring soul-soothing music that will keep your feet moving all night long. Something you’ll hear D say quite often is, “don’t just dance to the music, feel the music.”