Monthly Dance

Monthly Dance

CincyHop is now hosting a monthly swing dance the third Friday of every month, starting with March 15, 2019!

Many thanks to Ryan Quatman and the Cincinnati Lindy Society for all the work they put into the monthly dances before passing them along to CincyHop.

Please visit the CincyHop Facebook page (here) and look for the event for more details about this month’s dance, including location and cost. In the event the dance is cancelled for the month (likely due to holidays), we will make an announcement on the Facebook page.


Is there a lesson beforehand?

Yes, there will be a beginner Lindy hop lesson before the dance! Lindy hop is a traditional African-American eight-count dance that got its roots in the ballrooms of Harlem, NYC. This is a great chance to get a taste of Lindy hop, whether you are completely new or you’ve already taken some East Coast Swing (six-count) classes.

Do I need a partner?

No! All are welcome, and anyone can ask anyone to dance during the social dance. During the classes, the instructors will prompt the students to rotate through the group to dance with everyone.

Is there live music?

At this time, swing music for dancing will be played by local and regional DJs. We hope to occasionally feature live music once the monthly dance is more established. Let us know if you have a band to recommend!

What clothes/shoes should I wear?

First and foremost, wear something that is comfortable for you to move in! Many dancers enjoy dressing up or dressing in vintage styles to match the music. Others prefer casual dress. It’s typical for dancers to dress up more when there will be live music. Just remember that this is a family-friendly event! Any shoes with clean and smooth soles will be the easiest to dance in. Leather and suede-soled shoes are also popular.